About us

About the Formosa Jewels

We make unique pieces with great dedication in order to absorb all the feelings in which they will represent the most remarkable moments of your life. Our online store is a reference for the quality of our pieces and our excellence in service.

We started our jewelry specialization activities in 2012 by creating exquisite jewelry made from pure 18K Gold and whimsically cut diamonds with a unique design. Today, we have expanded our plating performance, where we take pride in applying the most modern gold-plating method on the market, making it highly durable and durable without losing its unique luster. With our elegant and secure website, we offer the opportunity to buy the jewel of your life fully online. We are dedicated to bringing outstanding service.

We aim to treat our customers with affection and proximity, quickly and uniquely, showing confidence in our work to make them satisfied. Our jewels are produced with care and affection at the hands of our skilled goldsmiths. We designed 18K pure gold jewelry and Diamonds. We have vast experience in electroplating. We started our operation with partnerships with regional factories, and currently, we have our own professionals. The result is sophisticated and impeccable pieces, with pure metals and gemstones cut with technique and innovation. We make dreams come true and eternal memories. We excel at our renowned customer service. This is the commitment that Formosa Joias has with its clients.

Does gold plated ring has quality?

Yes, because our gold plated wedding rings have a 6 layer gold plating, our wedding rings don’t darken or stain.

In addition to providing material assurance, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee: If the customer does not like the rings, we will refund the payment upon the return of the rings.

I’ve missed the ring size, now what?

If the customer misses the size ring at the purchase, do not worry: We offer the possibility of ring exchange.

We work accordingly to the US size standard with our ring sizes, which is also used in most of the countries around the world. In the case of size missed, we offer the possibility of ring exchange.

How does the shipping works?

We ship our products with insurance and warning receipt. We offer low cost shipping to worldwide for most of our products.

After the payment confirmation by Paypal, we manufacture the wedding ring within 2-4 business day, then we post to the courier company within more 1-2 business days.

How do I discover my finger size?

We provide some methods that can help our customers to find out their fingers size, click here to access.

We provide some methods for our customer to try to figure out their fingers size, however, the most recommended is to find out the size at the nearest jewelry store.

It’s safe to buy from Formosa Jewels?

We only accept Paypal as the payment mediator, ensuring the maximum trading security for us and for our customers.

For security reasons, our store not only has SSL encryption but is also approved by Google’s diagnostic against fraud. In terms of quality, we have 4.8 stars.

What is the payment method?

We accept credit card via Paypal direct to your site by transparent SSL checkout as payment method.

We are offering 5% off this for a limited time, just insert coupon SPECIALOFF. Remember that our payment method is mediated by Paypal, ensuring security.